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Financial marketing routine


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    Be a good picker Who is the first person the customer sees Customer Pool and M & M The ultimate goal of telemarketing is to buy and watch Opening remarks Question and listen Ask questions effectively Cracking the "denial" I have a magic client Closing rule Grasp the rhythm make excuse" "I've spoken to the client" "Kang Taigong Fishing" and "Battering Opponents" Invite customers Information checklist and product recommendations New and old work is not tired Learn to "praise people" Customer sketch Important things to say three times Rebuilding customer preferences Don't fall over Rule of twenty-eight Customers make friends Professional and sensitive Sell insurance to Primary Three Service and Innate Skills See through the heart of the customer Is this customer reliable? Talking about business or feelings Be the center of resources Pattern determines success or failure Pattern determines success or failure Financial sales closed loop Mystery visitor Rebate Under commission Customer comfort zone