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A Beginner's Course on Spreadsheets for Personal Finance


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    What you'll learn Learn a simple but powerful toolset for practicing the day-to-day skills necessary to become an expert at personal finance. Become familiar with the basics of accounting as it relates to personal finance. Practice the basics of spreadsheeting editing and formula creation in a real-world application. Plot, organize and analyze an entire year's expenses and expected monthly balance in any contemporary spreadsheet software. Make future predictions based on potential earnings expectations. Make future predictions based on potential unforseen expenses. Schedule and execute all monthly payments on time every time. Proactively plan and execute long-term savings goals. Aggressively isolate and eliminate unnecessary debts. Draw upon accurate and timely information to make the best decisions possible before spending. Requirements Basic understanding of any spreadsheet software will be helpful but not completely necessary. Any spreadsheet software capable of opening an Open Office Calc or Excel spreadsheet document. Ability to access Google Documents on any computer will also do in a pinch. Description This is a step-by-step educational video on how to create your own private, personalized budget. You can use any software you like. The included template is 100% compatible with any platform. This course involves basic accounting and spreadsheets. Download the one-year template at the beginning of the course. Watch the videos and fill it out, step-by-step. There are about 12 videos with an average length of 5 minutes each. It should take between 1-3 hours to complete. At the end, you will see your monthly totals, balances and future forecasts. The more you use it, the more accurate you become Stay on track with daily spending Plan savings and/or for retirement Track and include the value of assets/investments Predict cash shortages Know when and where your money is going Make the best choices for YOU Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to learn a simple, but effective technique for budgeting in a proven, 100% confidential, 100% compatible software environment. Anyone who wants to gain more experience working in Excel, Google Documents, or Open Office Calc but never had a real-life application to work with. Anyone who wishes they had greater control of their spending and ability to pay back debts. Anyone who wants to gain a foundation in money management for future investment ability.