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Debt and Equity Financing Strategies for Your Company


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    What you'll learn Align your capital structure with corporate strategy and business lifecycle. Identify and explain various sources of financing and their applicability to different situations. Assemble a financial plan to meet the financing needs of the organization. Requirements Exposure to corporate finance. The course is for experienced professionals that already have an established financial or accounting background. It is assumed that the course participant has already developed competency in financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, cash flow analysis, and present value techniques. Description In this course you learn about the financing strategies for your business throughout its lifecycle. You also learn about all the major debt and equity financing arrangements at an application based level. In the debt sections of the course, you learn about how operating lines of credit work and what to watch out for. We also talk about asset based lending facilities, term loans, and leasing. Mezzanine financing is an increasingly popular way of replacing equity financing with hybrid financial instruments. In the equity sections of the course, you learn about venture capital, private equity, and the process of going public. Finally, you learn about how cost of capital and capital structure factor into your strategic thinking and decision making. Who this course is for: Anyone interested in finance or related fields.