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Introduction To The World Of Equity Finance


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    What you'll learn Plan and raise money for their business or self using Equity Financing The course teaches how a company can be formed and how a company can raise money through equity financing together with rules & regulations in regard thereto. Requirements Basic knowledge of entrepreneurship or an idea to form/start a new business Description Many companies and individuals seeking loans from banks or private lenders can’t meet the rigid collateral requirements imposed by these lenders. They might try asking family and friends for a loan, but that often proves difficult if not impossible. As a result they are forced to seek funding elsewhere. But where, how and from whom? The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the world of equity finance. Companies, big, small, established, start-ups and would-be-entrepreneurs from all over the world raise money via this method 24/7. It involves the offer and sale of a portion of your businesses to investors through what are known as securities or stock in the case of a corporation. This is a way in which you can raise enormous amounts of money, often within weeks, even though you are a start up, your business has failed, you lost your job, and you have no credit. The course details: what you have to do in order to comply with the law before, during and after raising money; the different choices you have through which to raise money; and, how to raise money using one of those choices. The course can be completed by reading one or more chapters at a time and can then be used as a future reference guide. No prior experience or formal educational requirements are necessary to understand this course and no training material is required. Who this course is for: The course is especially designed for individuals, small companies, startup companies and companies looking for expansion capital to take advantage of avoiding the time and cost of an initial public offering (“IPO”).